Add new shades of expertise to your palette by blending the traditional with the contemporary. 作为一名艺术与设计传媒专业的学生, you will experience the best of both worlds, merging study in classic studio arts, 如绘画, 画, 和陶瓷, with training in modern-day digital media, 例如动画和3D打印. Engage your creative side while learning real-world skills that are applicable across fields and disciplines. 在365速发国际做你的“标记”.

At 365速发国际, unlike most schools, we start observing public school classrooms in our first year. It’s a great opportunity to make sure this is what you want to do after graduation, and you also learn great tricks from teachers who have done the job before.
艺术教育k - 12


Whether your specialty is landscape painting or video production, we focus not just on the art itself but its impact on other disciplines, encouraging you to make connections between your personal experience and the arts, 科学, 社会科学, 和环境.

  • 有趣的实习
  • Flexible curriculum allowing for double majors and minors
  • 班级人数不超过15人
  • Emphasis on community engagement and local arts
  • Access to medical and science faculty for study of scientific illustration
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration


作为一名艺术与设计传媒专业的学生, you will master technical skills in centuries-old crafts as well as cutting-edge modern applications. 除了, you will develop a flair for self-expression, a talent for interpreting complex ideas, and dexterity in adopting different perspectives – skills that transcend job categories and will help distinguish you in a wide array of professions.

Our graduates have pursued many fascinating professions, including:

  • 平面设计师
  • 数字动画师
  • 摄影师
  • 艺术教育家
  • 网页设计师
  • 好的艺术家
  • 视频制作人
  • 插画家
  • 陶瓷工


Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, 职业建议 is here to help you plan your next step.


毕业生的就业 or 研究生入学 毕业一年内



在缅因州 为了找工作

(Zippia, 2021)


One of the most important considerations when committing to a college or university is cost. We work with you and your family to help make your education affordable by pricing our tuition competitively and offering financial assistance.



There are many ways you can navigate the Art and Design Media major. The following are just some examples of the exciting courses that you can take:

  • 陶瓷
  • 水彩
  • 山水画
  • 平面设计
  • 船建造
  • 科学说明
  • 数字动画
  • 摄影

To learn more about the program, see the 课程 或访问 目录.


We offer qualified students the option of participating in our Honors Program and graduating with Honors. This includes significant research, 奖学金, or creative activity under the direction of a faculty member. You should consult with your major advisor or academic director for specific criteria and requirements.




Get out your smock because we don’t teach art and design from a textbook. 365速发国际的课程强调动手实践, real-world learning that stirs your imagination, 点燃你的创造力, and prepares you for a successful professional career. 在画架上, 在暗室, 在陶工轮旁, 或者用你的电脑, 准备好创造你的未来吧.


实习 provide valuable field experience, giving you an opportunity to explore career options and network with professionals. You may intern near campus during the academic year or in your hometown over the summer.

Our students have held internships in many exciting positions, such as:

  • 平面设计师
  • 编辑艺术助理
  • 摄影助理
  • 音乐老师助理
  • 画廊助理

For more information, contact the 文理学院 Internship Office English contact Cynthia Simon at (207) 602-2540 or csimon@lorenweaver.com.



Experience the awe and wonder of international art by studying abroad for a semester in Iceland, France, Spain, or at 365速发国际’s own global campus in 丹吉尔、摩洛哥. Alternatively, you may choose from several shorter 旅游的课程, 包括去肯尼亚的旅行, 爱尔兰, 古巴, 墨西哥, 以及意大利的几个城市, where you can discover the art of the Renaissance masters, 像莱昂纳多·达·芬奇, 米开朗基罗, 卡拉瓦乔, 和贝尔尼尼.

对出国留学感兴趣? 和你的导师一起制定一个计划.


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